Tuesday, September 27, 2005

OraSRP v2.1

Well, it seems that after OOW (specifically, after presentation of Kyte and Millsap) everyone knows that Oracle enhanced format of 'WAIT' lines in trace files. By the way, OraSRP recognizes new 'WAIT' format starting from v1.8 (released in July).

But in 10.2 Oracle also slightly changed format of 'BINDS' section. Yesterday I added support of this new format of 'BINDS' into OraSRP v2.1

Also improved processing of 'RPC CALL/EXEC' entries (previously, when trace file contained more than one 'RPC EXEC' per one 'RPC CALL' then results were wrong).

Removed irrelevant numbers (for 'Total' row) in 'Statement Resource Profile' section.

Some fixes for preventing OraSRP from crashes when analyzing "inconsistent" traces.

Friday, September 23, 2005

rather big plan

Want to see a big plan with little efforts?
Just execute 'select count(*) from all_policies;'

10gR2 generates 161-lines plan for this statement!

[ below the same in Russian ]

Если Вам хочется поглядеть на большой план, а под рукой нет соответствующего запроса, то
сделайте 'select count(*) from all_policies;'.

10gR2 для этого select'а генерит план размером в 161 строку!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

reading documentation

Just a citation from docs:

"The additional overhead of running the SQL Trace facility against an application with performance problems is normally insignificant compared with the inherent overhead caused by the application's inefficiency."

Thursday, September 08, 2005

OraSRP v2.0

I released OraSRP v2.0

Starting from v1.6 I promised to implement 'statements tree' feature. Five(!) versions after that I finally implemented this feature. From now on resource profile contain section 'Statements Recursive Relationship' where you can see statements tree for session. By the way, sometimes it's just interesting to see how one user statement (like drop table) generates a lot of recursive statements!

In this version I added calculation of elapsed time separately for every bind set. Bind values sets now sorted by elapsed time. By default only one bind set for statement is displayed. And it will be the set with the most elapsed time spent.

Added check for presence of line '*** DUMP FILE SIZE IS LIMITED TO' in trace file. In that case a warning is displayed.