Tuesday, September 27, 2005

OraSRP v2.1

Well, it seems that after OOW (specifically, after presentation of Kyte and Millsap) everyone knows that Oracle enhanced format of 'WAIT' lines in trace files. By the way, OraSRP recognizes new 'WAIT' format starting from v1.8 (released in July).

But in 10.2 Oracle also slightly changed format of 'BINDS' section. Yesterday I added support of this new format of 'BINDS' into OraSRP v2.1

Also improved processing of 'RPC CALL/EXEC' entries (previously, when trace file contained more than one 'RPC EXEC' per one 'RPC CALL' then results were wrong).

Removed irrelevant numbers (for 'Total' row) in 'Statement Resource Profile' section.

Some fixes for preventing OraSRP from crashes when analyzing "inconsistent" traces.


Blogger Vadim Bobrov said...


I tried to look at OraSRP but couldn't find it. Am I looking in the right place?

Thank you
Vadim Bobrov

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