Monday, October 17, 2005

link to podcast with Ray Lane

Venture Gang is a podcast with Ray Lane who will be the keynote speaker at Hotsos Symposium 2006.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

what's on your miniCD?

I have one miniCD (handmade remastered) with the following contents:

  • Damn Small Linux -- desktop Linux with number of useful applications (word-processor, spreadseet, email client, icq, firefox, vnc/rdesktop clients, pdf viewer, perl, python, cd/mp3 player, tetris, etc).
  • Full Oracle Database 10.2 documentation in html format.
  • Oracle instant client and sqlplus with support of command line editing and word-completion (like in bash).
  • TOra -- Toolkit for Oracle which aims to help the DBA or developer of database application. Features PL/SQL debugger, SQL worksheet with syntax highlighting, DB browser and a comprehensive set of DBA tools.

All of this software resides on one small (80mm in diameter) miniCD with 210Mb of raw capacity.

Amazing, isn't it?