Wednesday, April 06, 2011

OraSRP 4.1.0

First time I've read about LOBREAD lines in 10046 traces in Vladimir Begun's blog-post dated Jun 2, 2010. I've tried to reproduce such trace in my environment but failed. Since Vladimir is Oracle employee, I've decided that his example was from some yet-unreleased version of database.

...And I successfully forgot to re-check it even when was released.

But recent Tanel's post reminded me about these LOBREAD lines.

So I've added processing of LOBREAD (and LOBAPPEND, LOBARRREAD, LOBARRTMPFRE, LOBARRWRITE etc.) calls in new version of OraSRP. Such calls displayed as 'LOB% calls' event. Remember, this works only for traces - in earlier versions of database server such LOB% calls, I believe, are not instrumented.

As for another new feature of OraSRP 4.1.0, I'd like to inform that new version contains new section - Objects Statistics (per session and per statement). Here's what it looks like (long lines stripped for better readability):
Session Objects Statistics
Object/Event                                    % Time       Seconds
--------------------------------------------  --------  ------------
TABLE T1 [43373]                            
    log buffer space                             58.4%       3.9383s
    log file switch completion                   20.8%       1.4027s
    db file scattered read                       18.8%       1.2676s
    db file sequential read                       1.2%       0.0838s
    log file sync                                 0.8%       0.0557s
    undo segment extension                        0.0%       0.0005s


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